Monthly: December 2020


World-Class Cinema Halls That Are an Alternative to Netflix

True lovers of movies visit cinema halls at least once in their lifetime. While watching Netflix from the comfort of one’s sofa seems like fun, some movie theatres across the world are worth a trip. These entertainment venues draw millions of movie fans every year with a lineup of excellent film and exceptional amenities, including comfy beds and lounge chairs. Others attract crowds from all corners of the globe by serving world-class cuisines beyond the traditional popcorn theater menu.

Read on to learn about the greatest movie theaters of all time.

San Francisco’s Castro Theater

It was founded in 1922 in Castro District, San Francisco, California. Castro Theater allows movie fans to recollect classic films on a silver screen every day. The grand movie hall combines Italian, East Asian, and Spanish cinema influence. When it comes to cinematic history, Castro Theater packs antiquated treasure that’s hard to find elsewhere in California. There are over 1,400 seats inside.

London’s Electric Cinema

Located in Notting Hill, London, the Electric Cinema was originally inaugurated in 1910 as a performance center for experienced entertainment artists. This is where the splendor of the oldest films meets the present-day movie comforts. There are enormous comfortable seats and beds. Watchers are welcome to dine at the Electric Diner and attend a fully-fledged bar.

Cine Thisio, Athens

None of the cinema halls in Athens, Greece, offer a view as majestic as Cine Thisio. It was created in 1935, making it the oldest cinema hall in Athens. Watchers catch up with the trending films while viewing the iconic Parthenon and Acropolis at this outdoor movie theater. The most breathtaking sights are at night. Cine Thisio welcomes visitors between the months of April and October, with the first shows being classic movies and first-run studio releases.

Paris Movie Theater (Cinémathèque Française, Paris)

It is easier to confuse the Paris Movie Theater for a museum from an outward point of view. Part of the building is a dedicated museum for the long history of French cinema. Inside the theater are screening and retrospectives. Guests come here to enjoy movies while learning the history behind them.

Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur, India

Regarded as the Pride of Asia, Raj Mandir Cinema is the largest movie theater in India. Established in 1976, the cinema hall features the Art Moderne style, which is not easy to come by today. Outwardly, it seems like a royal residence but is more or less like a multiplex.

Alabama’s Crescent Theater

Though small and independently operated, Crescent Theater presents one movie at a time. Movie lovers gather here to watch indie picks and mainstream titles. A lot of fans sing the praises of the charming character and hospitality of the owner. Latecomers cannot interfere with the programs because the door locks immediately after the movie begins. Beer and wine are plentiful.