Monthly: February 2021


What Makes Movies Hit the Top?

The talent behind the scene may have strong opinions of what makes a film stand out. But the audience always has a different perspective about a movie. There is more to motion pictures than directing, screenwriting, acting, and editing. Even excellent actors are nothing without a good director. The cinematography may be spectacular but is editing on point? Here are a few answers to what makes a movie great.

Excellent Story

At the core of any film is wonderful storytelling. Beyond excellent script and screenwriting, a movie with a well-told story is hard to miss. The narrative should keep the viewing audience hooked. It draws people into the created scenes such that they forget to check their phones or watches. A great story is immersive and accessible no matter how familiar the audience is with the backstory. In essence, it leaves the viewer with suspense.

Artistically Constructive

When people go to their favorite movie theatres, they look forward to a perfect synergy between the cast on the big screen and the filmmakers behind it. The chances of a movie hitting the billboards are very high when the writing, image quality, sound, and music are in harmony. There might be a few lines that define the theme. These are elements that make it more memorable and they become the icing cakes. But the whole film should leave the audience artistically satisfied.


This is one element that many filmmakers tend to neglect. Subtext can fit anywhere and it is the subtle messages that the audience needs to grasp without coming out from an actor. However, over-explaining creates a clunky atmosphere. This prevents the viewer from exploring the story themselves and figuring out what is happening.

Because a movie has a good story is that all? From performance, soundtrack, cinematography, to the backstory, a lot of aspects come in when rating a movie. A film is great when every area is distinguishable.