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Casual Clothing At Entertainment Awards

When people think of award ceremonies for movies and theatre productions they may assume that it will be a black tie affair. Whilst this is sometimes true for higher profile events there are plenty of ones throughout the year that are smaller in scale. Consequently, they are less strict about the attire of the guests.

An Iconic Example

One of the most famous award shows is the Oscars which has become well known as a high fashion event. The female attendees are often seen wearing bespoke elaborate garments. This has led to a greater acceptance of informal attire at other ceremonies.

It is even possible to wear sport bras as an accessory. If this is the case then the person must find a suitable provider. AIM’N is a sport bra NZ based company which has a site filled with great looking items. Their catalogue is to appeal to actors, directors and crew members who get invited to events with the chance to win accolades.

The Need For Exciting New Fashion

Revealing attire will make a big impression on those at the ceremony. Guests tend to choose their outfit based on how it will differentiate them from the crowd. A simple dress is no longer enough. The wearer has to think outside of the box. They can work with a fashion designer to help come up with something truly unique. The sport bra may form the base layer or even be the dominant element of the entire ensemble.

However, not everyone can afford such extravagance. Luckily there are very cost effective options available on the internet. If someone is going to a movie or theatre awards then they can utilise the sport bra NZ based site AIM’N to find the right clothing options. It will appeal to guests of both small and large scale events.

Setting up a home cinema

You might be one of those lucky people who has plenty of space in their home and wants to set up a home cinema room. These are a great idea if you are entertaining on a regular basis – imagine having your friends around for a movie night – complete with pizza and a few beers – without the need to disturb anyone else in the house.

Room decor

As the focal point of the room is going to be the screen, you don’t need to go overboard with the decor. Opt for a large screen TV rather than a projector-type screen. The TV can then be used for streaming movies from online services such as Netflix and Prime. If you can, use a room that gets only a small amount of natural light. This means that the screen will not be distorted on bright, sunny days.

For the other walls, why not consider a few movie posters? There doesn’t need to be a huge amount – just one or two will do. Look online for a few bargains, maybe consider finding posters relating to some of the classic movies such as Gone With the Wind.

Consider comfort

It is possible to buy cinema-style seating and if you really want to create a cinema feel in your home then you may want to choose these. The advantage is that as they are connected together you will fit more of them in, which may be just what you are looking for if you want to host movie nights for ten people or more.

However, you could consider the ultimate in comfort and choose armchairs and sofas instead. A couple of two-seater sofas and a couple of armchairs will be just the thing for a family-sized evening of movies and relaxation. You don’t have to pay a great deal for these either. Why not consider purchasing second hand and then matching each piece using Ikea Karlstad sofa covers? The beauty of Ikea Karlstad sofa covers is that they are easy to fit and clean, so when the room needs a little spruce up it will not take long at all. The sofa covers can also be coordinated with the general decor in the room. If you’ve decided to go with neutral walls then pick out a color that works well with it. As an example, if the walls are a soft green, go with a darker green sofa cover with lighter colored pillows as a contrast.

It is important not to forget though that people will also need somewhere to put their drinks. If you’ve chosen armchairs and sofas you will need side tables next to each person so that they aren’t left holding their drink all evening. These will be the perfect finishing touch to the room and can also be painted to blend with the general decor.

A home cinema room is a great thing to have if you have the space and it is a good way to unwind at the end of a long day at work.

Plants in movies

If you have an interest in anything horticultural then you will have already noticed just how often plants of some kind play an important role in the outcome of famous movies. In some cases, these are fictional plants and these often feature in horror movies, so will pose some kind of danger to the characters, but occasionally there are perfectly innocent plants that help to form the backdrop of the movie.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movies are filled with plants. Some of them friendly and others are definitely ones that the characters need to keep an eye on. In the very first movie, we see the Devil’s Snare – a plant that is used to guard the Sorcerer’s Stone. This plant traps the three main characters and threatens the success of their mission, but they are able to free themselves when they figure out how it works. In the second movie, the Whomping Willow tree poses a danger to Harry and Ron when they crash a car into it. The plants used in the films are generally plants with familiar names but they are given magical qualities to challenge and help the characters.

Ordinary plants

It is amazing how many movies feature houseplants in the background. They add texture to the set, particularly when the movie’s scenes are in someone’s home. Anyone with an interest in plants can have a little fun trying to identify different plants that appear. These movies are not the best way to pick up plant care tips though so if you want to know how to repot zz plants then you may be better using a plant care app. Understanding how to repot zz plant is one of the key things you need to know. In fact, repotting any plant is key to their care and the right app will help you to understand when and how to do this.

The science of plants in movies

In The Martian, Matt Damon plays a botanist stranded on Mars. His skills help to keep him alive thanks to the plants he grew for food. Sean Connery played a doctor in Medicine Man, using plants found in the Amazon rainforest to try to find a cure for cancer. Both of these highlight the importance of plants for human life and health.

Movies are a great source of entertainment though and some of those mentioned here use plants as a key part of the storyline, showing just how big a role plants play in our lives and most of the time we aren’t even aware of it.

Beauty Secrets of the Stars

When strolling along the red carpet, surrounded by flashing cameras and adoring fans, even the most modest stars want to look good. Yet, with extended hours on set, time on the road, and a continual stream of awards and ceremonies to attend, keeping up with a strict beauty regime can be challenging.

Even sticking to a few simple staples can boost appearance dramatically, with the following advice offering tips and tricks to achieving glamour and beauty, celebrity style.

Rest and Water: Yes, this one is a total cliché, but the fact is that those who get plenty of rest and drink ample water look better than those who don’t.

Experiment with Products: Using the same old moisturizer day in day out is not the best approach to achieving skin perfection. After all, skin changes over time and needs different requirements depending on several factors, such as age and climate. A moisturizer high in retinol, for example, verso super facial serum, offers the best protection for long-term skin health.

Make Time to Exfoliate: Scrubbing the skin twice a week, or preferably daily, rewards with numerous benefits, from removing dead cells and reducing discoloration to nurturing an instant glow. Oscar-winner Halle Berry confessed to using ground coffee in her home-made scrub for increasing circulation and preventing cellulite.

Limit Stress:Another Hollywood powerhouse, Cate Blanchett, revealed the secret to her great complexion doesn’t merely lie with expensive products and treatments. An excellent skincare range can certainly help, but cutting out stress factors can be the key to looking fabulous. Her penchant for massages definitely helps in encouraging relaxation.

Turn to Nature: Balancing a hectic lifestyle with a healthy diet can be challenging, yet consuming adequate greens and curbing sugar intake and other toxins can make a dramatic impact. Emma Stone even turns to nature to help ease her sensitive skin, using grapeseed oil as a daily moisturizer.

What Makes Movies Hit the Top?

The talent behind the scene may have strong opinions of what makes a film stand out. But the audience always has a different perspective about a movie. There is more to motion pictures than directing, screenwriting, acting, and editing. Even excellent actors are nothing without a good director. The cinematography may be spectacular but is editing on point? Here are a few answers to what makes a movie great.

Excellent Story

At the core of any film is wonderful storytelling. Beyond excellent script and screenwriting, a movie with a well-told story is hard to miss. The narrative should keep the viewing audience hooked. It draws people into the created scenes such that they forget to check their phones or watches. A great story is immersive and accessible no matter how familiar the audience is with the backstory. In essence, it leaves the viewer with suspense.

Artistically Constructive

When people go to their favorite movie theatres, they look forward to a perfect synergy between the cast on the big screen and the filmmakers behind it. The chances of a movie hitting the billboards are very high when the writing, image quality, sound, and music are in harmony. There might be a few lines that define the theme. These are elements that make it more memorable and they become the icing cakes. But the whole film should leave the audience artistically satisfied.


This is one element that many filmmakers tend to neglect. Subtext can fit anywhere and it is the subtle messages that the audience needs to grasp without coming out from an actor. However, over-explaining creates a clunky atmosphere. This prevents the viewer from exploring the story themselves and figuring out what is happening.

Because a movie has a good story is that all? From performance, soundtrack, cinematography, to the backstory, a lot of aspects come in when rating a movie. A film is great when every area is distinguishable.

World-Class Cinema Halls That Are an Alternative to Netflix

True lovers of movies visit cinema halls at least once in their lifetime. While watching Netflix from the comfort of one’s sofa seems like fun, some movie theatres across the world are worth a trip. These entertainment venues draw millions of movie fans every year with a lineup of excellent film and exceptional amenities, including comfy beds and lounge chairs. Others attract crowds from all corners of the globe by serving world-class cuisines beyond the traditional popcorn theater menu.

Read on to learn about the greatest movie theaters of all time.

San Francisco’s Castro Theater

It was founded in 1922 in Castro District, San Francisco, California. Castro Theater allows movie fans to recollect classic films on a silver screen every day. The grand movie hall combines Italian, East Asian, and Spanish cinema influence. When it comes to cinematic history, Castro Theater packs antiquated treasure that’s hard to find elsewhere in California. There are over 1,400 seats inside.

London’s Electric Cinema

Located in Notting Hill, London, the Electric Cinema was originally inaugurated in 1910 as a performance center for experienced entertainment artists. This is where the splendor of the oldest films meets the present-day movie comforts. There are enormous comfortable seats and beds. Watchers are welcome to dine at the Electric Diner and attend a fully-fledged bar.

Cine Thisio, Athens

None of the cinema halls in Athens, Greece, offer a view as majestic as Cine Thisio. It was created in 1935, making it the oldest cinema hall in Athens. Watchers catch up with the trending films while viewing the iconic Parthenon and Acropolis at this outdoor movie theater. The most breathtaking sights are at night. Cine Thisio welcomes visitors between the months of April and October, with the first shows being classic movies and first-run studio releases.

Paris Movie Theater (Cinémathèque Française, Paris)

It is easier to confuse the Paris Movie Theater for a museum from an outward point of view. Part of the building is a dedicated museum for the long history of French cinema. Inside the theater are screening and retrospectives. Guests come here to enjoy movies while learning the history behind them.

Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur, India

Regarded as the Pride of Asia, Raj Mandir Cinema is the largest movie theater in India. Established in 1976, the cinema hall features the Art Moderne style, which is not easy to come by today. Outwardly, it seems like a royal residence but is more or less like a multiplex.

Alabama’s Crescent Theater

Though small and independently operated, Crescent Theater presents one movie at a time. Movie lovers gather here to watch indie picks and mainstream titles. A lot of fans sing the praises of the charming character and hospitality of the owner. Latecomers cannot interfere with the programs because the door locks immediately after the movie begins. Beer and wine are plentiful.

Collecting Movie and Theatrical Posters

For anybody interested in the drama and excitement of movies and theatre productions, the awards ceremonies are an occasion not to be missed. You may have a particular favorite actor who you are hoping will win something. Perhaps you were impressed by the costume design or special effects. Many people are now choosing to collect posters and prints relating to award-winning movies and plays to add to the excitement. And, of course, finding the most suitable poster frames is part of the fun.

A visit to the Desenio website should be top of the list for anybody wishing to start this fascinating journey. They have an unrivaled collection of posters, prints, and frames in various sizes to suit any room in your house. The precise categorization makes the site easy to navigate, and you can quickly find what you are looking for. The first section you should head for is that of iconic photos. This holds a fabulous choice of movie posters and Hollywood stars.

Theatre Awards

When it comes to theatre awards, the most sought-after is a Tony, particularly Best Performance, by a Leading Actor or Actress in a Play. One of the most iconic actresses is Elizabeth Taylor, who won a Tony award for her role as Regina Giddens in 1981. A quick glance at the Desenio website reveals a gorgeous poster of Elizabeth Taylor in an alluring pose. This would be a great addition to a collection of award-winning stars.

Movie Awards

The most important awards ceremony is, of course, the Oscars, an annual event honoring the best movies of that year. To start your movie poster collection, you can look at previous winners and then head over to Desenio to find the appropriate print. For example, you could consider Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an award winner in 1962. You will be delighted to see that Desenio has a classic Audrey Hepburn poster, instantly recognizable as her character in the movie.

Once you have made your selection of poster, you will need an appropriate frame. Desenio has a vast range of styles, both metal, and wood to match any room decor. Classic movie star posters are typically black and white and would look perfect displayed in an elegant silver or gold frame. Collecting movie and theatrical posters is a fascinating hobby for all ages.

Non Copyrighted Music For Theatre And Cinema

Nothing better than a good tune to accompany a film or theatre production. Music is an indispensable part of cinema, since the invention of sound cinema. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short film, a movie or a documentary, music is indispensable to share all kinds of stories. In the case of theater, music serves to accompany the story, introduce it, conclude it and even more important things.

Especially, instrumental music is very important in theatre and cinema. Not all directors and producers have enough budget to hire an artist to produce all their musical pieces, so it’s common to use non copyrighted music. Less and less discredited, non copyrighted music has new platforms such as Snapmuse that allow you to access music with different themes of high quality that can be used to set your play or film.

Why Should I Use A Non Copyrighted Music Platform?

Not all directors and producers start out with money, but with the desire to make great plays and films. The first works, either at the university or in small production companies, are often done in exchange for favors and without any kind of profit. Even so, as it is the letter of introduction for many people, it must be of the highest quality.

That’s why subscribing to a non copyrighted music platform can serve to provide the best musicalization. If you’re thinking of promoting films or theater, non copyrighted music can help you.

What Should I Know Before Using Non Copyrighted Music?

There are always a lot of definitions and gray areas in copyright. For those reasons, most directors and producers decide not to take risks, and to go for what they know it’s sure, to avoid lawsuits or claims. Non copyrighted music is safe, as it works as a subscription service. Like isn’t copyrighted, it can be used for commercial or artistic purposes without legal problems.

Greatest All-time Movies

From epic car chases to hand-to-hand combats, and back to gore scenes, action movies are home to the adrenaline rush. Despite all of these films being action-packed, some stand tall over the others. Be it being cast in memorable locations like Lexington or displaying ludicrous themes, these shows have something distinct.

A great movie is one that exceeds sophomore slumps and stakes its place in fanatic folklore. We travel down movie history and unearth some gems that are worth watching.

First Blood (1982)

Forget about Rambo’s other sequels; First Blood was the real deal. The ingenious storyline has an allure to it. The shaggy-haired Sylvester Stallone, a.k.a John Rambo, is arrested while visiting an old platoon colleague in the wild and lush Washington state.

He unleashes hell and escapes while in the hands of cops. The rest of the story is a gruesome survival adventure. Rambo uses all skills that he learned in the Vietnam war to outmaneuver sheriffs. If you haven’t watched First Blood, grab some popcorn, it’s worth your time.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)

With Quentin Tarantino at the wheels, Kill Bill barely goes astray. It stars Uma Thurman, a remorseful ex-bride who is after a lover who tried to kill her during a wedding. Bloody is an understatement when it comes to Kill Bill. Martial art is on full display as Uma seeks revenge. Armed with a samurai sword, she takes no prisoners when hunting Bill.

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) performance in this action-packed film is unmatched. With the IMF, an intelligence branch, Ethan works for disbanded; the CIA is hot on the heels of the organization’s members. They view Ethan as a rogue agent on the loose. Ethan and his crew are on a survival mission to justify themselves against a criminal entity named ‘The Syndicate’. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy this film from start to finish.

Grammy Awards

Organized by The Recording Academy, the Grammy Awards are America’s top music awards and considered to be one of the top prizes in the industry. the ceremony was first held in 1959 and has been a staple of the industry ever since. The first event was held in both New York and California at the same time and it was not broadcast on television until the 1970s. It has been broadcast on CBS in the United States since 1973 and is one of the network’s premier annual events.

The ratings for the Grammys have fluctuated over the years. The peal viewership for the awards was in the 1980s when they would regularly get over 30 million viewers. In recent years, the figure has fallen as low as 18 million. In 1984 the awards got their biggest ever audience of over 50 million viewers.

Winners of the Grammy Awards receive one of its iconic trophies which are in the shape of a gramophone. During the 1990s the award was revamped to make it stronger. Over 7000 of the awards have been given out since the event was founded in the late 1950s.

Most of the awards are organized by genre, there are only 4 so-called general awards which are record of the year, album of the year, song of the year and best new artists. There are only 2 people who have been awarded all 4 of these general accolades. The Texan singer Christopher Cross won all 4 in 1980 while the British singer Adele won them across three years: 2009, 2012 and 2107.

There are a total of 84 different categories which are awarded across the different genres. These include, but are not limited to, pop, dance, rock, R&B, country, jazz, and American roots. There are also awards for spoken word, musical theatre and historical.

The person with the most Grammy’s is not a pop star but classical director Georg Solti with an impressive 31 to his name. Though he died in 1994, he still tops the table of the most Grammy awards to date. Second on the list is Quincy Jones with 27 awards and in at number 3 is the singer Alison Krauss with 27 – the most decorated female artist in the award’s history.