From the Red Carpet to Your Living Room

For those who enjoy movies, the awards season is a thrilling time of the year. Wondering whether your favorite film will be nominated for an Oscar? Or perhaps it’s finally time for a certain star to get the recognition they deserve. The main ceremonies are televised, so you can settle down at home and enjoy the entertainment in your own living room. A fun idea would be to recreate the red carpet atmosphere using movie-themed decor.

Decorating with Movie Posters and Memorabilia

If you are looking for inspiration, start with the posters from BGA, high-quality prints that will enhance any room. Add some old-fashioned glamor with retro and vintage posters; black and white images can create a stunning gallery wall. Don’t forget the frames, also available at BGA, a complete one-stop shop. Scroll through all the fabulous designs, maybe the image of Marlon Brando will catch your eye!

For an enjoyable evening, invite your friends, dress up in style, and pop open the Champagne! Guess who is going to win an award, just for fun. Your posters from BGA are sure to be a talking point and will add to the occasion.

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