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Beauty Secrets of the Stars

When strolling along the red carpet, surrounded by flashing cameras and adoring fans, even the most modest stars want to look good. Yet, with extended hours on set, time on the road, and a continual stream of awards and ceremonies to attend, keeping up with a strict beauty regime can be challenging.

Even sticking to a few simple staples can boost appearance dramatically, with the following advice offering tips and tricks to achieving glamour and beauty, celebrity style.

Rest and Water: Yes, this one is a total cliché, but the fact is that those who get plenty of rest and drink ample water look better than those who don’t.

Experiment with Products: Using the same old moisturizer day in day out is not the best approach to achieving skin perfection. After all, skin changes over time and needs different requirements depending on several factors, such as age and climate. A moisturizer high in retinol, for example, verso super facial serum, offers the best protection for long-term skin health.

Make Time to Exfoliate: Scrubbing the skin twice a week, or preferably daily, rewards with numerous benefits, from removing dead cells and reducing discoloration to nurturing an instant glow. Oscar-winner Halle Berry confessed to using ground coffee in her home-made scrub for increasing circulation and preventing cellulite.

Limit Stress:Another Hollywood powerhouse, Cate Blanchett, revealed the secret to her great complexion doesn’t merely lie with expensive products and treatments. An excellent skincare range can certainly help, but cutting out stress factors can be the key to looking fabulous. Her penchant for massages definitely helps in encouraging relaxation.

Turn to Nature: Balancing a hectic lifestyle with a healthy diet can be challenging, yet consuming adequate greens and curbing sugar intake and other toxins can make a dramatic impact. Emma Stone even turns to nature to help ease her sensitive skin, using grapeseed oil as a daily moisturizer.