Collecting Movie and Theatrical Posters

For anybody interested in the drama and excitement of movies and theatre productions, the awards ceremonies are an occasion not to be missed. You may have a particular favorite actor who you are hoping will win something. Perhaps you were impressed by the costume design or special effects. Many people are now choosing to collect posters and prints relating to award-winning movies and plays to add to the excitement. And, of course, finding the most suitable poster frames is part of the fun.

A visit to the Desenio website should be top of the list for anybody wishing to start this fascinating journey. They have an unrivaled collection of posters, prints, and frames in various sizes to suit any room in your house. The precise categorization makes the site easy to navigate, and you can quickly find what you are looking for. The first section you should head for is that of iconic photos. This holds a fabulous choice of movie posters and Hollywood stars.

Theatre Awards

When it comes to theatre awards, the most sought-after is a Tony, particularly Best Performance, by a Leading Actor or Actress in a Play. One of the most iconic actresses is Elizabeth Taylor, who won a Tony award for her role as Regina Giddens in 1981. A quick glance at the Desenio website reveals a gorgeous poster of Elizabeth Taylor in an alluring pose. This would be a great addition to a collection of award-winning stars.

Movie Awards

The most important awards ceremony is, of course, the Oscars, an annual event honoring the best movies of that year. To start your movie poster collection, you can look at previous winners and then head over to Desenio to find the appropriate print. For example, you could consider Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an award winner in 1962. You will be delighted to see that Desenio has a classic Audrey Hepburn poster, instantly recognizable as her character in the movie.

Once you have made your selection of poster, you will need an appropriate frame. Desenio has a vast range of styles, both metal, and wood to match any room decor. Classic movie star posters are typically black and white and would look perfect displayed in an elegant silver or gold frame. Collecting movie and theatrical posters is a fascinating hobby for all ages.

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