Non Copyrighted Music For Theatre And Cinema

Nothing better than a good tune to accompany a film or theatre production. Music is an indispensable part of cinema, since the invention of sound cinema. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short film, a movie or a documentary, music is indispensable to share all kinds of stories. In the case of theater, music serves to accompany the story, introduce it, conclude it and even more important things.

Especially, instrumental music is very important in theatre and cinema. Not all directors and producers have enough budget to hire an artist to produce all their musical pieces, so it’s common to use non copyrighted music. Less and less discredited, non copyrighted music has new platforms such as Snapmuse that allow you to access music with different themes of high quality that can be used to set your play or film.

Why Should I Use A Non Copyrighted Music Platform?

Not all directors and producers start out with money, but with the desire to make great plays and films. The first works, either at the university or in small production companies, are often done in exchange for favors and without any kind of profit. Even so, as it is the letter of introduction for many people, it must be of the highest quality.

That’s why subscribing to a non copyrighted music platform can serve to provide the best musicalization. If you’re thinking of promoting films or theater, non copyrighted music can help you.

What Should I Know Before Using Non Copyrighted Music?

There are always a lot of definitions and gray areas in copyright. For those reasons, most directors and producers decide not to take risks, and to go for what they know it’s sure, to avoid lawsuits or claims. Non copyrighted music is safe, as it works as a subscription service. Like isn’t copyrighted, it can be used for commercial or artistic purposes without legal problems.

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