Plants in movies

If you have an interest in anything horticultural then you will have already noticed just how often plants of some kind play an important role in the outcome of famous movies. In some cases, these are fictional plants and these often feature in horror movies, so will pose some kind of danger to the characters, but occasionally there are perfectly innocent plants that help to form the backdrop of the movie.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movies are filled with plants. Some of them friendly and others are definitely ones that the characters need to keep an eye on. In the very first movie, we see the Devil’s Snare – a plant that is used to guard the Sorcerer’s Stone. This plant traps the three main characters and threatens the success of their mission, but they are able to free themselves when they figure out how it works. In the second movie, the Whomping Willow tree poses a danger to Harry and Ron when they crash a car into it. The plants used in the films are generally plants with familiar names but they are given magical qualities to challenge and help the characters.

Ordinary plants

It is amazing how many movies feature houseplants in the background. They add texture to the set, particularly when the movie’s scenes are in someone’s home. Anyone with an interest in plants can have a little fun trying to identify different plants that appear. These movies are not the best way to pick up plant care tips though so if you want to know how to repot zz plants then you may be better using a plant care app. Understanding how to repot zz plant is one of the key things you need to know. In fact, repotting any plant is key to their care and the right app will help you to understand when and how to do this.

The science of plants in movies

In The Martian, Matt Damon plays a botanist stranded on Mars. His skills help to keep him alive thanks to the plants he grew for food. Sean Connery played a doctor in Medicine Man, using plants found in the Amazon rainforest to try to find a cure for cancer. Both of these highlight the importance of plants for human life and health.

Movies are a great source of entertainment though and some of those mentioned here use plants as a key part of the storyline, showing just how big a role plants play in our lives and most of the time we aren’t even aware of it.

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